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Preliminary Mission Statement
RTR Radio is a Low Power AM broadcast station, transmitting on a frequency of 1700 Khz with a power output of 100 milliwatts.  RTR Radio AM 1700's studios and transmitter are located in Lewiston, Maine.
The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Part 15 Rules and Regulations allow for non-licensed, low powered, radio transmissions on the AM band.  These transmissions must not exceed 100 milliwatts output power, at any time, in order to broadcast legally.  RTR Radio AM 1700 adheres to these guidelines, and operates in full compliance of the FCC Part 15 Rules and Regulations regarding unlicensed broadcasting on the AM band.
If at any time, RTR Radio is suspected of causing interference with a licensed broadcast station or any public, private or personal electronic device, please contact RTR Radio AM 1700 immediately so we may remedy the situation.
To contact Real Truth Radio call (207) 786-3207.
For more information regarding the FCC Part 15 Rules and Regulations regarding low power broadcasting, please visit the FCC website...
Federal Communications Commission - Part 15 
We use Part 15, FCC Certified, Low Power AM transmitters (LPAM). Our microstation broadcasts on 1700 Khz AM and coverage is approximately one - two miles from the transmitter site depending on the terrain and atmospheric conditions. Transmitter clustering is in the foreseeable future to extend our coverage area.  We wish to include the built up residential areas of Lewiston as well as the Twin Cities business districts in 2008.

Plans are to simulcast on LPAM and the Internet. We will invite special guests from the neighborhood and surrounding areas to participate in live local broadcasts whenever possible.  Local shows are presently being planned. We feature syndicated talk shows as well as local bands and entertainers.  We provide local weather at the top of every hour.  The overarching mission of our station is to give our community a voice and provide emergency broadcast relief for the neighborhoods within our coverage area in the event of bad weather, disaster or other Acts of God.
This station is equipped with the Procaster transmitter certified by the FCC and fully legal. .


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