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Our Coverage Area:

Initial coverage area is expected to be between Russell Street and Stetson Street (North to South)
and the Androscoggin River to East Avenue (West to East). This covers the Tall Pines housing development,
the north portions of Bates College residential area and for businesses Market Place Mall, Montello Manner,
Former Fair Grounds Business District, and Northwoods Shopping Plaza.

This area will be expand by way of transmitter clustering with advertiser and listener support.
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Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is not to attack or degrade our public servants
but to educate the public about rights that are being taken away from them!
We STRONGLY advise our readers to confirm all information in their local law
libraries when and if you choose to use it! Remember we're not suppose to know this
 and they will do anything to prevent it. Please read a judges comments on our legal system

Sources: The above information has been collected from various websites.

Please Note: We are not anti-government or any extremist group.