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Current Real Truth Radio Program Lineup

Days       Times          Show name                      Host name

Mon-Fri     7am - 8am      American Sunrise                 Wyatt Cox
Mon-Fri     8am - 9am      Aroostook Watchman               Steve Martin & Jack McCarthy
Mon-Fri     9am - 11am     The Power Hour                   Joyce Riley
Mon-Fri     11am - Noon    The Derry Brownfield Show        Derry Brownfield
Mon-Fri     Noon - 4pm     Alex Jones Show                  Alex Jones
Mon-Fri     4pm - 6pm      Deadline Live                    Katerine Albrecht
Mon-Fri     6pm - 7pm      Country Music                    Local RTR Program
Mon-Fri     7pm - 9pm      Free Talk Live                   Mark and Ian
Mon-Fri     10pm - Midn    Radio Detective                  Jerry Pearce

Saturday    7am - 8am      Rock Music                       Local RTR Program
Saturday    8am - 9am      Aroostook Watchman               Steve Martin & Jack McCarthy
Saturday    9am - 11am     POZitively Unconstitutional      Phil Pozderac
Saturday    11am - Noon    Common Sense Revisited           Todd McGreevy
Saturday    Noon - 1pm     TechWatch Radio                  Sam, Jay & Will
Saturday    1pm - 3pm      Healing Our World                Mary Tocco
Saturday    3pm - 5pm      Current Issues                   Dr. Hesham Tillawi
Saturday    5pm - 6pm      Wayne Madsen Report's Saturday Roundup
Saturday    6pm - 8pm      The Food Rights Hour             Pete Kennedy
Saturday    8pm - 10pm     U.S. of A v U.S.                 Ed Wahler

Sunday      Midn - Midn    Sunday Accents                   Biblical Stuff

Schedule Last Updated 2-18-2011

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