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America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo

This is a very powerful documentary!!!


2 Minute Version


5 Minute Version

RTR Media-Coverage of New Hampshire Republican Debate
Ron Paul Post-Debate Interview

Congressman Ron Paul from Texas sits down with Samuel Anthony Ettaro,
RTR National Media Director, for a post-debate interview.

RTR Media-Coverage from the New Hampshire Republican Debate
The Pakistan Question

Tommy Thompson and Sam Brownback are questioned by
National Correspondent Jason Bermas on the ISI pre-911 wire transfer story
and why Pakistan is not a target in the "war on terror".

AFTF Media-Republican New Hampshire Debate
Reporter Arrested in CNN Spin Room

AFTF Media asks tough questions of Guliani's press representatives concerning his ties to Centras Corp.,
his denial of foreknowledge of WTC building colapse, and whether or not he has in fact read the
911 Commission report and other documents regarding foreign policy "blowback".

Presidential Debate in New Hampshire on June 5th, 2007

Ron Paul's family thanking supporters who are
penned in like sheep in the "FREE SPEACH ZONE"

Philly 4th Anti-War Convention---Ettaro's Introduction Speech

National Media Director, Samuel Anthony Ettaro, gives an introductory speech as a delegate
of Restore the Republic and AFTF explaining the national groups and our focus and goals.

Killing Real ID in Pennsylvania - Posted July 7, 2007

Samuel Anthony Ettaro, National Media Director, visits the capitol of PA, Harrisburg,
and interviews grass roots activists and Rep. Samuel Rohrer who are working together
to get H.B. 1351 passed which would kill Real ID in this state by declaring non-compliance.

Katerine Albrecht - Hosted April 19, 2007
The Verichip/Florida presentation on AFTF/RTR National Volunteer Conference Call

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